Norman Mailer: Works and Days

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Written by
J. Michael Lennon; Donna Pedro Lennon
Note: Digital edition for Project Mailer edited by Gerald R. Lucas.


Welcome to Norman Mailer: Works and Days, the first installment of Project Mailer — an on-going Digital Humanities initiative to promote the legacy of Norman Mailer.

Based on J. Michael Lennon and Donna Pedro Lennon's updated and revised Norman Mailer: Works and Days, this project provides researchers with the definitive primary bibliography of Norman Mailer's publications and an overview of important biographical events in Mailer's life. This Digital Humanities project is edited by Gerald R. Lucas.

Cover of the 2018 Edition. Support the Society and Project Mailer and purchase a copy from Amazon.

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This page is a part of Project Mailer and is sponsored by the Norman Mailer Society.

“Works” (v1) was completed in October 2015. “Days” (v1) was completed in 2016. Work on the selected bibliography ran throughout 2017, leading to a second-edition of Norman Mailer: Works and Days that was just published. The entire digital project was moved to the MediaWiki platform in 2018–2019 and as of March 2019, is mostly complete. Any comments, questions, or suggestions may be sent to editor [at] projectmailer [dot] net.