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Existential Errands. Boston: Little, Brown, 17 April; Sevenoaks, Kent: New English Library, August 1982. Miscellany, 365 pp., $7.95.

The British edition combines 72.7 with The Short Fiction of Norman Mailer (67.11) under the title The Essential Mailer (82.19).

Dedication: “To Barbara, to Susan, to Adeline, and to Al.” Rpt: 98.7 (partial).

Of the six books named above all but The Deer Park: A Play were nominated for a National Book Award in four different categories. The Armies of the Night won for arts and letters, and a Pulitzer Prize in general nonfiction as well.


  1. 67.13
  2. 67.15
  3. 68.8
  4. 68.25
  5. 71.1
  6. 71.20
  7. Wild 90, Beyond the Law and Maidstone


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