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“Norman Mailer Muses on Cynicism, Writing, TV.” Article by Gloria Goodale. 29 September. Internet. In this article, based on an earlier interview in the Christian Science Monitor and quotes from his upcoming (October 4) profile on the PBS “American Masters” biography series, Mailer is quoted on a broad range of topics. Cynicism: “Good, available writing almost always is funny and sharp and biting and cynicism is perfect for that. But cynicism is really a roadblock to becoming a bit of a philosopher.” Intellectuals: “This culture is distrustful of intellectuals. In Europe, everything matters, and they say it with great passion. Here, you can say anything you want, but it doesn’t matter. Nobody is paying attention.” Television: “I love the idea of watching something on television until the moment when I figure out what’s going on, and then I switch to the next show.” Becoming a novelist in the 40s: “We had a much better time back then, because there was nothing more glamorous, more exciting, than the notion of being a major novelist.”