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“The Soul’s Ecologist.” Article-interview by N.B. Under the Elms (Brown University Alumni Magazine), September. Internet. Brief report on Mailer’s April 1995 appearance at the Salomon Center at Brown. He opined on plastic: “It is the excrement of oil, it is the waste product of oil”; modern architecture: “If the building you are in is less agreeable than the building across the street, then the one you are in was put up later”; Republicans: “They’re all consummate liars. If only they could go back to an earlier happy state when, like Democrats, they were just hypocrites”; Bill Clinton: “He’s intelligent, good-looking, charming. He has only one flaw: He’s not willing to die for an idea”: Lee Harvey Oswald: “Slowly and glumly, I came to the conclusion that Oswald did it himself”; race relations: “We finally have to come to grips with the American disease, and that’s relations between black and white.”