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“Haven’t We Seen You Somewhere Before? Norman Mailer’s Visit to Hay.” Article-interview by John Walsh. The Independent, 5 June. Internet. Breezy article about the participants in the annual Hay-on-Wye Literary Festival in Wales. Mailer is described as “the Brooklyn roustabout, the Goliath of sexism, the Beelzebub of vanity.” He is quoted on Hemingway, from whom, he said, “I got a notion that went deep into me. I won’t evade the imagery here. I was penetrated by his influence.” Asked if he liked women any better these days, he said that he thought them to be “the finest thing in creation” until the Women’s Movement started, “and I realized they were no better than men—as nasty, as competitive, as ugly.” At the end, he signed books for an hour and was “nice to everybody. Absolutely no side to him,” said one participant.