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“Between the Covers: Mailer Goes the Distance.” Column by Matthew Flamm. New York Post, 30 September, 23. Flamm serves up the responses of several individuals to John Simon’s “mixed-to-negative review” of 91.26 in the 29 September New York Times Book Review, including Mitchell Ivers, Random House managing editor, Simon, Mailer and daily Times book reviewer Christopher Lehmann-Haupt, whose positive review of 91.26 Simon called “a typical, miserable, toadying, cowardly review.” Mailer says, “The mark of Simon’s incapacity to be a literary reviewer—as a theater reviewer he’s vicious but very often interesting—is that he knows very little about the novel.” Accompanied by 91.20. See 91.1491.16, 91.43, 91.48.