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“Norman Mailer, Visiting Philadelphia, Shows He Can Still Work a Crowd.” Article-interview by Thomas J. Brady. Philadelphia Inquirer, 27 March. Speaking as part of the “Rebuilding the Future” series at the Central Library on Logan Square in Philadelphia, Mailer read from 98.1 and answered questions from Brady. Speaking of the Internet, he said that “there are going to be very few people who are going to read novels on a monitor. Or printed out….In a small way, a book does have immanence. It has a presence. It has a sense of the past about it.” The article also notes that Henry Holt and Co. intends to reissue The Naked and the Dead (48.2) in hardcover and softcover, with a new introduction by Mailer, to coincide with the novel’s 50th anniversary. See 98.6.