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“The Surreal Professor.” Article-interview by Marshall Ledger. Pennsylvania Gazette (Alumni Magazine of the University of Pennsylvania) , 87 (May), 14–22; cover photograph of Mailer. The longest report on Mailer’s week-long stint as the University of Pennsylvania’s first Pappas Fellow. Extended comments on the Abbott affair, his relationship to America, “The White Negro” (57.1), nuclear war, feminism, homosexuality, James T. Farrell, Ancient Evenings (83.18), and the writing life. Important article. Rpt: By the University of Pennsylvania in a booklet (hard and softcover) titled Pappas Fellows: Norman Mailer, with prefatory statements by T. Peter Pappas and President Sheldon Hackney, and Hackney’s introduction of Mailer. See 83.12, 83.1483.16, 83.21.