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“Mailer Back in the Arena, Pushing ‘Oswald.’” Article-interview by Carol McCabe. Providence Journal, 28 May, Sec. E (“Sunday Brunch”), pp. 1, 9. Report of a meeting with three reporters, including McCabe, in a Cambridge, Mass., hotel room as Mailer was concluding his 12-city tour on behalf of 95.16. Besides speaking of Oswald’s character (“he is a tragic figure, not a tragic hero”), Mailer comes up with a new metaphor for the fact/fiction opposition: “Most people think the line between fiction and nonfiction is a Berlin Wall. I think, on the contrary, that it’s a barely marked boundary. I like working back and forth on that boundary….being a range rider on that line.” Accompanied by Margaria Fichtner’s mixed review. See 95.24, 95.32.