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“Chapter Two: In Which Author Norman Mailer Offers Up Drawings He Says Exhibit Not a Lot of Talent, but Plenty of Flair.” Article-interview by Hamilton Kahn. Cape Cod Times, 23 July, Sec. C (“Capestyle”), pp. 1, 3. Mailer provides commentary on his line drawings, which were shown at the Berta Walker Gallery in Provincetown through 3 August as a fundraiser for the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown. Mailer donated half of the proceeds from the sale of 25 of his drawings to the Center, which was celebrating its 25th anniversary. Mailer’s inspiration was the work of Pablo Picasso, whose work he had analyzed in a completed but unpublished book (95.38). “I can’t draw; I certainly can’t paint, and I have no illusions that either one is feasible for me. But what I could do was just sort of let my hand, in a sense, lead me—that is, draw without preconception.” The article also notes that Mailer is at work on a nonfiction book “about Lee Harvey Oswald in the Soviet Union” (95.16). See 93.4, 93.5.