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“Author to Author: Norman Mailer Talks with Jay McInerney.” Interview. Providence Phoenix, 10 November, Sec. 1, pp. 10–11, 15; cover story. One of the best interviews on Portrait of Picasso as a Young Man (95.38). Mailer tells McInerney that he feels “more street smart after I’ve looked at a lot of Picasso drawings or paintings. He understood people so well. He had the gifts of one of the greatest draftsmen who ever lived, but he had the mind of a novelist in a funny way. His eye for character is incredible.” Other matters discussed include John Richardson, Picasso’s view of sex, fame, James Jones, Ernest Hemingway, and the response of reviewers to 95.38. Accompanied by an excerpt from part 6 of the biography, “Gertrude Stein.”