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“Why Picasso Biography Quotes So Fully.” Letter to the editor. New York Times, 3 October, Sec. C, p. 24. Mailer complains that Michiko Kakutani “not only gave a very bad review to my last book, Oswald’s Tale,[1] but rushed to put it into print….Now, she has done it once more. Ms. Kakutani (Arts pages, Sept. 29) has rushed into print to attack my new book, Portrait of Picasso as a Young Man,[2] and is again two weeks early.” Kakutani did it again in 1997 when she blasted The Gospel According to the Son (97.13) on 14 April, more than two weeks before it was published. Mailer’s letter is dated, Provincetown, Mass., 2 October. See 03.2, 05.10, 07.2. Rpt: 14.3.