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“Norman Mailer Writes a New ‘Fantasy Autobiography’ of Marilyn Monroe: Of Women and Their Elegance.” Ladies’ Home Journal, September, 93–95, 154, 156, 159–160, 162, 164. Advance excerpt from 80.15 dealing with Monroe’s marriage to Arthur Miller. Except for the addition of several paragraph breaks, the excerpt is identical to the following pages of the first edition: 143–149, 172–180, 227–228. It is followed by a “Publisher’s Note”:

This disclaimer appears in a slightly different form on the copyright page of 80.15. Lenore Hershey’s “Editor’s Diary: Mailer and Marilyn” on p. 2 of this issue quotes Mailer on his reason for writing a “fantasy autobiography” of Monroe: “I felt an obvious identity with her because she came out of nothing and achieved such notoriety. In a less embattled way, the same is true of me.” See 73.30, 80.14, 86.24, 86.25.