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On 26 January, Mornings with Mailer: A Recollection of Friendship (10.1), by Dwayne Raymond, is published by HarperCollins. This memoir of Mailer’s last days in Provincetown is by his assistant from 2003 to Mailer’s death in 2007. Contains many quotations from Mailer and a detailed depiction of his domestic and professional life during his final years.

On 10 April, A Ticket to the Circus (10.2) by Norris Church Mailer is published by Random House. This memoir by Mailer’s sixth wife, to whom he was married for 27 years, includes numerous remembered words from her husband, and several of his love letters to her.

On 1 June, Norman Mailer: Moonfire: The Epic Journey of Apollo 11 (10.3), edited by J. Michael Lennon, is published by Taschen Books. Conceived by Lawrence Schiller with an introduction by Colum McCann, this abridged version of Of a Fire on the Moon (71.1), contains hundreds of photographs and maps from NASA, magazine archives and private collections.