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“Mailer and the Movies: Tough Guy Gives Film Another Shot.” Article-interview by Peter Rainer. Weekend Magazine, Los Angeles Herald Examiner, 18 September, 6–7; cover photograph of Mailer. Interviewed in his attic study in Provincetown, Mailer talks about Tough Guys Don’t Dance, which opened nationwide on 18 September, and his year (1949–50) in Hollywood: “I had a hard time getting out of Los Angeles, even with nothing happening. I hated to leave with a failure and so I kept staying and staying and getting into more and more conversations about making a movie myself. And finally I gave up and said to myself, ‘Get Out.’” Accompanied by a largely negative review by Deborah J. Kunk, and a full-page ad for the film. See 84.17, 1986 and 1987 entries.