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“The Paper House.” In New World Writing: Second Mentor Collection, 58-69. New York: New American Library, November, softcover.

Story set in occupied Japan. Dedicated to Vance Bourjaily, “who told me the anecdote on which the story is based.” Rpt: Lilliput’s Extra Holiday Reading (London), August 1953; 59.13, 67.11, 68.32, 82.19, and Stag, February, 1975. Mailer collected this story, along with 52.3 and 53.2, in a small paperback, in English, but with notes in Japanese: A Selection from the Short Fiction of Norman Mailer. Edited by Iwao Iwamoto. Tokyo: Shohakusha, 1967. It is perhaps the rarest of all Mailer’s books in English.