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Deaths for the Ladies (and Other Disasters). New York: Putnam’s, 30 March; simultaneously as a softcover; London: Deutsch, softcover only. Poems, 252 unnumbered pp., $4.

Republished with preface by Mailer. New York: New American Library, December 1971 (71.31). Dedication: “To Jean Campbell.” Rpt: In 72.7 and 82.19 (preface only). A number of these poems are reprinted in The Presidential Papers (63.37) and Cannibals and Christians (66.11); of particular interest is the reprinting of “The Harbors of the Moon” in 63.37, 84.17 and 98.7; and “Togetherness” in 98.7. See 62.5, 62.7, 64.2.



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