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Oswald’s Tale: An American Mystery. New York: Random House, 12 May; London: Little, Brown, 7 September. Nonfiction narrative, 828 pp., $30.

A signed, leather-bound “limited first edition” appeared simultaneously carrying a two-page preface, “A Special Message for the First Edition from Norman Mailer.” Franklin Center, Pa.: Franklin Library, $75.

Dedication: “To Norris, my wife, for this book and for the other seven that have been written through these warm years, these warm twenty years we have been together.”


Rpt: A lengthy advance excerpt appeared in New Yorker (95.8), a shorter one in New York Review of Books (95.15), and, shortly after publication, another brief one in Parade (95.17); eight excerpts are reprinted in The Time of Our Time (98.7). See 83.58, 93.8, 1995 entries, 96.2, 97.26.



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