Lipton’s Journal/January 31, 1955/384

From Project Mailer

Is W the world? It appears in world, wealth (the w of health), wide, wisdom, (the w of is—dom), whole (the whole is a hole but for w), weight, etc. (the social measurement of ate, the increase of weight) while—(the world’s idea of an isle; wait (the world w creates the antithesis of “ate.” Worry—(The w depression of ’urry), whir (w to her—again man’s idea of woman.) (I assume in all this that man more than woman is the language-maker). Mass—the male ass. Shit—hit—it. Ass in the Army was one’s psyche. Shit was circumstance or society. Each provided for in mass ways. In mass life, truly one can only see oneself as an ass, and events, all events, as shit. Examples: Tough shit, when the shit hit the fan, chicken shit, bury me deep in shit, etc. Get your ass in gear, chew your ass, ass-hole buddy. (A buddy is a body, but the uh is closer to the I than the short ah. Or perhaps it’s further away.)