Lipton’s Journal/January 3, 1955/197

From Project Mailer

In Barbary Shore I planted the seeds of a great many things I am thinking today. Thus, the meaningless beginning of Chap. 16, by McLeod[1] “You know, m’bucko, its onanists the world is forever shaping, and if you have a taste for dialectics it demands little more to see that it is only by onanism at last one can receive the world. . . . If this doesn’t ring a bell for you now, it’ll toll a mass someday, for ye’re in the archetype.” Or Lannie with echo obscenities—Bubbles, baby, bubble that fat.


  1. William McLeod is a former communist “hangman” who renounces Stalinism, and preaches a variant of Trotskyism in Barbary Shore.