Lipton’s Journal/February 14, 1955/601

From Project Mailer

The phallic-narcissist (Jim Jones) cannot take. The hysteric cannot make. The dependent cannot give. This is vastly oversimplified, and each category bears its relation not only to how the R-act of (Enter-Take—Make-Give from now on called the Etemege or its echo (Leave—Give—Destroy—Take) the Legedete. (Etemeges and Legedetes Unite and Separate) but the R-act also bears its relation to the L-act which is the rest, the passivity-activation of the self. The image of the movie is most adequate. I’ll expand later—it’s gobbledygook as it now stands. But to expand the beginning of this:

The phallic-narcissist (Jim Jones) tends to go directly from something entering him to making something. He does not “take,” digest it long enough. The hysteric goes from taking (which is strong in the hysteric) to giving (which is also strong) without making the product rich and various enough. Hence the “vulgarity” of the hysteric. The dependent goes from making to entering the other without giving. Hence they seem passive. Or sullen, or remote. Schizophrenics for example. The mystic cannot give—which is why his remarks are too cryptic for any audience. The compulsive cannot allow new things to enter, old things to go away which is why they are “constipated,” academic, pillars-of-society, rigid, driven in their actions. Give and Take are signals to them rather than intervals for entrance and exit with appropriate rests.