Lipton’s Journal/January 27, 1955/319

From Project Mailer

Letter echoes: Be. (The state of passive existence as opposed to am, are, is which are active.) Add ‘d’ and we have bed (for spelling) bead (for sound). The death connotation is added in each case. One (bed) implies the little death of sleep, the other (bead) implies a concretion of being which is not bad for a bead. Beet—thingishness added to being. And a beet is very much there.

Am—masculine, assertive. Reversed it is ‘ma’.

Are—Pure R. Vividness, connotations of anger, of color—one’s sense of the other person. Reversed it is ‘era’. And ‘error’.

Is. Hard to define for me. Possibly the third person is the abstraction of the self. The ih is softened to is with the connotations ‘s’ contains of succession stream and continuance. (Piss again.)