Lipton’s Journal/January 31, 1955/333

From Project Mailer

I have the feeling these days that I could make a remarkable businessman. The reason is that I feel close to the buried appetites of people in a way that is not the talent of the “creative” businessman. He senses the buried needs of people—perhaps not consciously—but the psychopathic intuitive is close to the surface. What keeps him from having our admiration is that the businessman is a good businessman insofar as he is all psychopath and no saint. He uses intuition for his own enrichment with no qualms about the social ends of his work.

“Social ends” is of course an S. It is the social perversion of the brotherhood of man (a genuine H expression deep out of the self which knows we are all a part of the whole) but even as a perversion it reflects the echo of the H. One other difference between psychopaths and saints is that the psychopath’s H is deficient in the knowledge of the brotherhood of man. The psychopath has an intense sense of his own needs, but cannot understand the needs of others because that part of his soul is deficient. Why, why it has been crippled, is something else, and I don’t know the answer . . . yet.