Lipton’s Journal/February 22, 1955/689

From Project Mailer

I still haven’t expressed it at all. The high note (the woman’s voice) is beautiful but expresses hatred—it is the hatred of the soul for all which denies its ascension, for women contain the contradiction of being the soul of humankind in the service of society. The low note supposedly expresses hatred and sadism and lust (it is the aggressive male voice) but actually it communicates love at an earthly level—it is the acceptance of what is. For man contains the contradiction of attacking society while he is earth-bound, denied by his incapacity to conceive life, the deeper intimations of the infinite progression.

The reason Lipton’s gives perceptions is that it slows down voices without altering frequency. Which enables one to capture what would otherwise be transient. I don’t feel ready to get into this yet.

Just one addenda: As America moves from unisexual to bisexual culture, the cult of the villain with the high-pitched voice or the high-pitched laugh begins. Its communications are much more sinister.