Lipton’s Journal/January 25, 1955/265

From Project Mailer

The sense of time. A person with a highly developed sense of the past and a careful sense of the future (in other words, fear of consequences) who puts little value in powerful emotions of the present is essentially an S man. People like myself, who at this moment is putting so much into the present, believing that what I discover each second will be true for the future, are H people. That is why I can now understand psychopaths and their sense of the present. But I wonder if I wasn’t wrong about saints. Maybe they too have an enormous sense of the present. They believe what their heart tells them at any instant. Perhaps the difference between a saint and a psychopath is that the saint knows it is his heart which talks, and the psychopath knows nothing, feels only the compulsion. But there is much more to say about this difference, and I am not satisfied with it yet.