Lipton’s Journal/January 3, 1955/162

From Project Mailer

One of the curious effects of Lipton’s is that it seems to take away my neurosis and expose me to all that is saintly and psychopathic in my character. Just enough Lipton’s, and being alone with Adele, and the psychopathy is pleasantly expressed in fucking, and afterward I feel truly saintly and love everyone and am filled with compassion for mankind. But when I take Lipton’s after being pretty strenuously fucked-out, especially if people are around, then the amount of psychopathy in me is frightening—I could fuck anyone, including my sister, I could go on an orgy with anyone, I feel cold and confident and capable of pushing anyone into anything, and of course like all psychopaths I become enormously convincing and hypnotic in my effects on others.