Lipton’s Journal/February 7, 1955/447

From Project Mailer

Now, give-and-take. It is everywhere, it is the life-process. We eat and excrete, our cells absorb and expel, our rhythm governs the health of our body. We fuck by give-and-take, we breathe by give-and-take, we walk by give-and-take. Tides are give and take, day and night are the reflection of the earth responding to the steady light of the sun. ????? (The sun is the one of society. Which opens the wild speculation that day and night are the give-and-take which permit man progress.) That where a planet does not revolve it has achieved unity, absorbed darkness into light.

So, conceivably, the expanding universe is indeed heaven, and the multi-billions of stars (perhaps infinite or close to infinite) are the souls of those who made Heaven-and-Hell. When we die (this is close to the Hindus), we go back to earth to explore another existence, or we go into the Heaven-Hell of being a pure soul, a star. (Which may account for the primitive belief of some tribes that man when he dies goes to the sun. Primitives close to the knowledge of their own bodies but totally un-verbal can express their knowledge, their wisdom, only in superstitions. And a superstition is a folk cliché which has become outmoded because so much of man’s H has been converted to S. But the interest in anthropology is a clue to the enormous reversal of history, Marx’ swing of the pendulum, which is coming, and of which I feel I am a standard bearer.)