Lipton’s Journal/February 7, 1955/496

From Project Mailer

Back to bisexuals. It would be argued against my theory—I prefer that word to thesis which is far more social-sup-one—that animals have quick orgasms. True. But animals have raw society confronting them—Nature—and so as Kinsey—who is another great comic figure—stated, their nervous responses must be rapid. Their naturostasis which wars with their animalodynamisis demands for preservation instant orgasm or the closest thing to it. But nature is a far more dangerous and yet far more living society than Society and the abstract social contract. So, it permits two forms of sexual life in the same animal, to wit unisexual (preserving in the face of Nature) and bisexual (preserving the state of the animal). So, the same dog who will come in two seconds, or the rabbit in one, will play and fondle and roll and growl and yawn and luxuriate and nibble and stretch for hours upon a time, the dog usually with a limber dick. I cannot speak for rabbits.