Lipton’s Journal/February 21, 1955/638

From Project Mailer

Semen. How it appears everywhere. It appears in cement, Semitic—one reason for anti-Semites, and how the DAR is anti-semenitic. In cement, nations cement relations. The t of semen, semen which is life is made into a thing, a bind. Hence the impossibility of the political pact. How can one cement two nations? One can only semenize them. As indeed one simonizes one’s car.

Women and their creams. A woman who loves sex and loves her man always gets joy out of rubbing his semen onto her. Women who frustrate this natural desire rub cream into their faces all the time—they think it will prevent them from getting wrinkles. But wrinkles come from sex denial, relative sex denial. No matter how hot or advanced sexually a man or woman is, they can always go further. It is the refusal to shift sexual gears to the orgy and back to home and family incestuously which causes the blockages. The wrinkles. The needs for cream.

Argot: I’ll cream him. (I’ll make him my slave, I’ll demolish him, I’ll rub my semen into him).

“Milk the laughs,” says the actor. Get all the semen which is going into laughter out of them.