Lipton’s Journal/February 7, 1955/486

From Project Mailer

Let’s start with orgasm, frigidity, power and castration. Nobody understands these things. They are written and talked about endlessly, but they are never understood. And I think I have a clue to them. I am continuing on the premise that the essential nature of humans is bisexual. And I start from mother, the masculine other who we learn is a woman. Other “proof” is the necessity of life itself to give-and-take, to act and to understand. My bisexual thesis is anchored in my entire concept of the duality of everything. So, a step further, I make the postulate that the bisexual nature is solidified, typed, set at a level, a mechanical functioning except under stress, and so decisions are made to become a sexual type—so necessary to stay alive in society even at a despised level like the fag—but, sexual typology is the loosest and the least stable because it is the part of man society has insisted upon burying.

So, only with psychoanalysis and with Kinsey does the collective sociostasis which is equal to society slowly begin to recognize the great danger it is in unless it narrows the gap between the sup and the er, for all violent expressions in and against society are expressions of a great gap between sup and er—hence the comparative deep contradictory violence of the Soviet Union as opposed to the surface violence and crankery of the United States. Well, I postulate crude sexual typologies and the social need to limn (good old fleshing of the limb) the sexual type. And I’m the first to make a penetrative contribution to it. How my conservation tricks my anarchism, so that a hundred years from now I’ll be a reactionary whose ideas must be overthrown.

Anyway, the essential decision which is made and which of course alters according to other needs and pressures and deep er demands is to take sex frontally as a bisexual (the healthier course I believe) or to take sex unisexually and gain the benefits and uncreative disadvantages of that. But that once done, the orgasm is affected. I suspect with my intuitions that the state of the sexual soul is close to the orgasm of the bisexual which is less intense than the orgasm of the unisexual (How we give and how we take is of course a great part of this. To have a truly good orgasm one must be able to take with the body). Which is why my orgasms are comparatively pissy except on Liptons where the time is extended—that is the time in which I take my orgasm.

To repeat, the state of the sexual soul is less intense for instants of orgasm but the bisexual has sexual consciousness, and creativity, imagination, etc. plus anxiety running through much more sup and er. (That is, the bisexual is a more conscious human being because more of his unconscious has become conscious.) In cruder words, the limber dick and the stiff-dick-which-is-not-close-to-ejaculation is the condition of the bisexual which is why he makes a better lover generally. He can give more satisfaction as well as more anxiety to the woman, depending so enormously on the woman. (One obvious difference between unisexuals and bisexuals is that unisexuals tend to make love much more similarly with each partner than bisexuals who are at the mercy of the partner.)

Thus, what I am saying is that orgasm, the fact that we have orgasm, is the indication that society is within us, society which teaches us from childhood that every action must have its culmination, every period of play must come to its abrupt stop, “Darling, put the toys away and come to supper.” Action which is not purposeful, manly, good, is action which goes on endlessly says the S. So, the idea of erection rather than the limber dick of semi-excitation (note that limber comes from limb which is flexible. One’s cock is truly one’s third leg). And the unisexual who is usually action, self-confidence, manliness, executive, all the things of One-consciousness is subject to tearing depression, the terror before compulsive action, and . . . suicide. Bi-sexuals merely threaten to commit suicide.

Bi-sexuals live in a state of semi-potency, semi-anxiety given the fact that S does not understand them at all—or does S understand and so generate self-hatred—so that bi-sexuals invariably despise themselves consciously, but at a deeper level of the er (I can only go down two or three steps but underneath this is always a progressive dialectical inversion and intensification) at a deeper level of the er, bisexuals have a capacity to live which amazes one. They always seem on the edge of a breakdown, their neuroses are in the air, but somehow they bounce back, they give, they are wrestlers with their er, er squared, and even er cubed flowing through them. (I must hurry up—it’s close to quitting time.)

Anyway, a good orgasm as such is an indication that the person can use the er in sup-approved ways. Which means the good orgasm is not found in creative people, for creative people are against society, and when it comes to fucking they cannot suspend their minds, they cannot play the social game of saying, “Well, this is all very fine and pleasant and I sure had a bang of a coming, but let’s get going now.” Or, “let’s go to sleep.” (I’m finding it a little harder to concentrate.) Instead, their (bisexuals) coming is reluctant, grudged, they hate this state of super-sensitivity to end. And in their sexual approaches, bisexuals express their deep bisexual nature, they either as men allow women to approach them or as women act masculine and aggressive about entering the act. (I’m talking of the first fuck between two people which is as important as a signature or as being born and giving one’s first cry. The instant of meeting a person is the instant we must trust in most cases for we are never so sensitive to people again—I’m not sure of this.) Probably, with most people, the real understanding of the first moment is buried deep in the er. If we don’t like them later, it is the er which furnishes the emotion it knew at the first instant, and vice versa. Probably, in varying degree, we respond mainly to people on first meeting with our S and only echoes of H are present.