Lipton’s Journal/February 14, 1955/598

From Project Mailer

Impatience—patience. This, too, revolves respectively around the Entering-Giving liaison, and the Take-Make liaison. Givers are invariably “insensitive” to people’s receptivity that is patience-resistance. As viz myself and my mother. Takers are invariably insensitive to people’s impatience. What may be said is that neither patience nor impatience are virtues in themselves. A man who is healthy on the patience-impatience spectrum is capable of waiting and capable of hurrying. His entering-leaving faculties are highly developed (what we mean by strong “sensitivity”) and so he or she can be patient or pressing as they sense the relative activity or inertness (interness—unwillingness to accept) of the person, audience, whatever which surrounds them.

What I must develop is patience and the entering—taking aspects of my personality for I have always been able to make and to give. The others are what screw me up. I need never worry about losing my energetic impatience (I have so much of it) if I take on patience. It is just that I must stop forcing my personality into a One—I must accept the two—and when I do I’ll really be able to go. I must stop being dogmatic, but be a dogmatic and eager follower as each demands me.