Lipton’s Journal/February 22, 1955/687

From Project Mailer

I can hardly complain about Adele’s[1] alternate love and rage toward Susy,[2] for Adele unconsciously was acting out upon Susy the way I act toward Adele. And Susy in turn would act toward me as Adele acted toward her. What characterizes that three-way daisy chain is that I call the tune for Adele, she called it for Susy, and Susy called it for me. The way I felt it at the time was that Adele was unreasonable in her swings toward Sue, and Sue gave me the time of day when Sue felt like it.


  1. Adele Morales (1925 – 2015), who he married in April 1954, was Mailer’s second wife. The mother of his daughters Danielle (b. 1957), and Elizabeth Anne (b. 1959), she separated from Mailer in early 1961 a few months after he stabbed her with a penknife, just missing her heart. He pled guilty to felonious assault and was given a suspended sentence. They divorced in 1962.
  2. Susan Mailer, the only child of Mailer and his first wife Beatrice Silverman, and the oldest of his nine children, was born in Hollywood, August 28, 1949.