Lipton’s Journal/February 7, 1955/513

From Project Mailer

Example: Formalize (Fuck of rage, man and love, eyes (I’S)). Now, actually formalize does not contain those meanings for intellectuals, it is not psychically anglo-saxonized by them, but for the common man it is—which is why jargon boomerangs so badly when one attempts to use it with the common man.

Formalize can mean anything to him, often anything but its ridiculous Latin-derived meaning of “Formalize.” (And indeed who could define it?) But the peculiar misuse of certain words by demagogues and the masses response to those words may be an indication of the fucked-up quality of English today, and the reason the experts are becoming concerned more and more with the disadvantages of jargon even as they pyramid it, even as I in my small contribution here am pyramiding it.

So, formalize, that dead cold word is full of fucking, anger, love, and self to the uneducated man. This may perhaps be not so bad—so long as the experts cannot communicate to the masses there’s still hope for the gears of society to become too badly fucked-up to have the really perfect dead super-state.

Also: fluoridation—fuck love whore I day shun.