Lipton’s Journal/January 31, 1955/374

From Project Mailer

I wrote the last note on a letter sent me by Lasky of Der Monat where I was invited to answer Berthold Brecht on “artistic freedom.”[1] I wrote a letter to Lasky saying that I would but on my own anarchist fuck-both-your-camps basis, although of course I was very polite. It’s been at the back of my thoughts ever since. Now, I’m writing notes on that particular letter. Why do I choose it? I suspect that the particular piece of paper we choose to write notes on is very meaningful.


  1. Mailer’s essay, “What I Think of Artistic Freedom,”  dated February 1955, appeared in the spring 1955 issue of Der Monat, a West German publication. A response from Brecht was hoped for, but never came. The essay was reprinted in Advertisements for Myself. See NM:WD 55.2.