Lipton’s Journal/December 29, 1954/114

From Project Mailer

Marion Faye[1] journal. The last note. To the effect that he is frightened, but he is going to stop writing and try to make it. Last line: “I weep at night I am so terrified I shall go mad.”


  1. Mailer’s anti-hero for a post-Hiroshima world in The Deer Park, Faye (son of Dorothea O’Faye, a former singer who presides over a drunken salon in Desert D’Or, Mailer’s name for Palm Springs, California), is the archetypal hipster. A bisexual pimp and drug dealer, he is the novel’s dark conscience, the polar opposite of Charles Eitel. Mailer planned to use Faye as a centripetal character in the seven novels that he planned and failed to write as sequels to The Deer Park.