Lipton’s Journal/February 7, 1955/477

From Project Mailer

Mother. The masculine other. We identify the male element with giving. (Which is why I did my curious little thing with the plugs at the cold water flat. Must tell this to Bob.)[1] So, the woman who first gives to us, the other from who we first take is identified in our minds with Give-Man. So much of homosexuality, and of bisexuality is identified in that first grasping the infant makes of the Give and Take or Give-Take. Or indeed, as for so many including myself, Give versus Take.


  1. A prominent Baltimore psychoanalyst and writer, Robert Lindner (1914 – 1956) became acquainted with Mailer after reading Lindner’s 1952 sharp critique of current psychoanalytic practice, Prescription for Rebellion (1952), published by Mailer’s publisher, Rinehart. The letter, which contained both praise and criticism for Lindner’s ideas, led to a close friendship over the next four years, including many visits and the sharing of work, including Lipton’s. See extended note on entry 56.