Lipton’s Journal/January 26, 1955/297

From Project Mailer

Jokes. Argo.

Argo who?
Argo fuck yourself.

Jargon. (J) Argo (N) I don’t understand the J yet but n has diminutive male characteristics. N is the reducing agent. N is finally nothing. We say one which is the reduction from uh or oh—the savage expression of wonder and by adding an ‘n’ we reduce wonder to society, we make the UGH into a ONE. (Victory is societies understanding of the world. The war was won. To win is to confirm society’s view that everything is one. To lose is to invite complexity and thought.)

Anyway, n to uh makes one. n to one makes none. The reduction is complete. O is the expression of wonder—so society hides it by making it the symbol for zero. But zero is in itself a mystery so H beats S after all. 8 is the symbol for the cunt. We throw it on its side ∞ and it has become the symbol in her mysteries. For good cause. Woman added to man, man who is one joining with another to make two opens in the gamut from one to two the infinite extension of number.