Lipton’s Journal/February 21, 1955/656

From Project Mailer

Word echoes and tag lines. A C preceding it means it came from a “title” in the Chaplin movie which I copied into my notebook.

Treason is t(reason). And indeed to reason in the time of Kings was treason.

Whenever spelled backward is revenehw—very close to revenge. ????? Perhaps. Revenge, the idea of revenge possesses one—it contains the notion that whenever that bastard crosses my path I will get revenge.

Why are homos called fruits. Does folk-lore have it that they take the orgiastic sexual fruits, or that they know the fruits of sex? I wonder?

Dishing it out. The ish is very rich. Swish, bishop, blish—the drunk’s bliss, kish—the drunk’s kiss, fish, squish, wish. Ish has like all these er roots some relation to a state of being. But how hard to interpret the root—far easier to understand the consonants which alter it and color it. Dishing it out is a very mild way of killing and destroying.

Baker, bread, roll and dough. The staff (prick) of life. Dough as the flesh. The slang for money must be fabulously rich—I have to get a slang dictionary—One instance is mazuma which is ma (mother) zu (zoo—the hostile animal world) ma.

Insult and consult. The sult is in sultan and sultry. To consult is to con-cult. The essence of the technique of the con-man is that he is a consulter. He consults his victim, he picks his brains, he cons him by inducing the sucker to give, and then off he goes. So patient and doctor enter a consultation with the hope that each will be able to con the other. Insult is to send sult—whenever that is, but it’s important and part of the self—into the person. sult I think has connotations of world wealth, love, prosperity, richness, and heat. But I don’t feel it yet.

Pro and con, prick and cunt, give and take.

Kisses—diseases (This I think is a personal sup association).

Trysts and trusts (er and sup meetings respectively of more than one).

On a car, we ask for a grease job, a change of oil, check the horn (the voice), and get the rattle out of the muffler (high colonic).

Rain, brain, lain, sane, stain, The ain is very rich.

Ing—the passive continuation. I (n that is nothing go to . .) G (od).

God and body. od is another root sound in English.

C A good vuneral. Funeral and venereal. Also ephemeral.

C “Do you think I’m Samson, I’m merely Simson.” The am root conveys much more force than the in root.

Bask—the b of ask. We bask in the admiration (the asking “what is this man”?) of others.

S and sh sit and shit, sire and shire,

t and th ten and then, true and through

sunstroke. But the sun is one’s son. One’s continuation.

The shape of a horseshoe is like the pussy hole. 🧲 As is the Gothic arch of a church.

Ducky, plucky. lucky, fucky, mucky, nucky (nookie)


steam—and gasoline—and gas and jazz and spitit

electric—we elect the trick. Lect and licked. EEEE (I*ME) licked.

A blow job—I bet this comes from sailors. Thar she blows. The woman like the ocean sucks on one’s fish till it blows, one’s whale indeed. For the fish is phallus shaped but smells like a woman. C Wrigley’s spearmint—while Chaplin’s mouth was going away at the gum like a cunt in a wild roll. You get your wriggleies and your mint of wealth with the spear of your cock (No, too hard to get it on—take chewing gum instead. Easier to chew than to screw).

Bungalow and bunghole—a bungalow is a place to settle one’s ass in.

C condemned mile. And by scientifization, condensed man.

Hammock—it mocks your ham, it tickles your ass. A cradle.

The ure (Your or you’re) sound. Sure, lure, demure, pure, tour, spoor, etc.

C Assorted French tarts. The fuck red ench. Ench is in wench, stench, bench,

Hart and Shaffner. Heart and Cock.

Can and ass. Keep a tight ass-hole in life. Your can has to be tight for the world is so rough that you need a tin can to stand its kicks. And how boys love to kick a can.

Enough for now. Except that on blow job and the sucked whale which blows, I off “We had a whale of a good time”. “That whore blew us like we never been blown.”

A good day’s work.