Lipton’s Journal/January 3, 1955/173

From Project Mailer

On television, many of the ads have their psychopathic appeal because the film is speeded up which makes the voice sound shriller. Listening to it on Lipton’s, the voice is slowed down, but the high shrill-tone remains. There may be something to the whole business of frequencies, trebles, basses, fidelities, etc. In other words by altering electronically the quality of voices, advertising agencies may have discovered that better effects are produced. I think it’s also probably true that psychopaths generally have subtly shrill taut voices—it’s undeniable that hipster speech contains a fucking rhythm in it almost as powerful as music—I truly believe that I could fuck to the sound of a psychopath advertising anything, cleaning fluid, spark plugs, whatever, but apart from the meaning the rhythm of his voice is like a compelling beat. (Very syncopated speech.)