Lipton’s Journal/February 7, 1955/489

From Project Mailer

Before I go on with this sexual hypothesis, I think what I’m trying to say would be clarified if I were to underline another difference between the sup and the er. The er is formless matter, the sup is matterless form—so the sup gives form to the material of er. (Sup understood of course as S, er as H.) (Man’s mind and body engage in a perpetual supper-super.) (Add: stupor—the thingness of supper and super.)

To understand the orgasm one must realize that the life er is given its shape, duration, intensity, and “quality” by the form in which the sup permits it. Without the sup there would not be an orgasm, there would be merely the state of perpetual waxing and waning tumescence. But the sup as form as society, demands shape, demands that one action cease and another begin for that is the health of society. And indeed the health of man-in-society, that is, S-man.

Form demands extension, progression; matter is infinitely analyzable—one may always go deeper or farther inward to an understanding of its complexities, as if it were an infinite pyramid with the point at the surface and the widening base in the bottomless depths. (One corollary of all this journal is that there is no such thing possible as to understand any human completely, totally—one can only understand more about them.)