Lipton’s Journal/February 14, 1955/575

From Project Mailer

Yes, I am a rationalist. But I am the rationalist who seeks to explore the mystical. My reason works only as my mystical self emerges; my reason is always the element, the S I use to control the er. (S and er; Sir—Sire—Lord—God). (Mister as Man—I—society—thing—er). Thing is wider than t—that is, th is wider, more sustained than t, thing is more evocative, more general—more socially approximate to the universe than (Ting). But ting is the sound of a ricochet. And a gun is the depersonalization of man and the apotheosis of the power of society. No wonder savages look upon the white man as a god. He is a god, but he is the god of society, and so a false-but necessary god.