Lipton’s Journal/February 7, 1955/472

From Project Mailer

eeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I feel its meanings more and more. I feel its meanings more and more. It is present in feel, me, rear, be, (also, clue: the soft I in English, the I of give, live, etc. is eeeee in Latin, and the romance languages). I have the feeling and I put it bluntly, the eeeeeeee is the passive sound of continuing existence, the note of the soul, so to speak, when it would enter Nirvana. Eeeeee is what it gives off. But so do radios and electronics. Which opens the wild pseculation (I suppose I was writing pissculation) that the eeeeeeee of static and electronic tubes might well be the sound of the souls who have reached heaven, that is heaven unknown to us is present when we flip the switch on our TV sets. But of course this is sheer wild speculation. Anyway, words with the eeeee sound always have a connotation of being in them, at least Anglo-Saxon words. Latin words may be more complicated for one would have to know whether the ih in them was once eeeee. For example live and leave.