Lipton’s Journal/January 26, 1955/296

From Project Mailer

Talk is cheap, action is hard. So says the world and so I believed. But I was always at my best talking even though I was ashamed of my talent. Yet the way I write now is that I talk, I talk and talk, and I truly believe some of the things I’m coming across are important. Because talk is dear not cheap; in talk we express our real selves or come closer to expressing our real selves, and in work, in action, we express whatever of our self society will allow. Which is why Stalinists are often nice guys in the living room, tolearant—I meant tolerant but tolearant says more—to let(the)ear rant—perhaps all good words are combinations of words condensed, and bad words—JARGON—is but a single word. Anyway... Stalinists are nice guys in the living room, tolerant, sympathetic, and totally rigid in print. They are caricatures of the actuality. But a caricature is a dramatization.