Lipton’s Journal/December 8, 1954/37

From Project Mailer

In The Deer Park after the accident when Marion Faye[1] is fighting for consciousness, he could think at first of saving himself from jail, and then relapse with the thought that in jail, finally, he can begin the work of contemplation.


  1. Mailer’s anti-hero for a post-Hiroshima world in The Deer Park, Faye (son of Dorothea O’Faye, a former singer who presides over a drunken salon in Desert D’Or, Mailer’s name for Palm Springs, California), is the archetypal hipster. A bisexual pimp and drug dealer, he is the novel’s dark conscience, the polar opposite of Charles Eitel. Mailer planned to use Faye as a centripetal character in the seven novels that he planned and failed to write as sequels to The Deer Park.