Lipton’s Journal/February 14, 1955/597

From Project Mailer

ENTERING and LEAVING (leaving entering) is as important as any of the other processes. It is cognition and acceptance of one’s state of awareness and ability to use, and if we use a new thing we must reject an old.

In commerce this is readily apparent. All the procedures of inventory, buying new articles, remaindering old is the attempt to express in social commerce the bio-chemical commerce of the body which we call homeostasis. With people, there is always the moment when we can communicate with another, and the entering-leaving faculty of both people is brought into play at that instant.

Compulsives for example suffer most obviously from entering-leaving malfunctions. Compulsives can give, they can take, they can make, but their pain is to change an idea, an address, a relationship, a piece of cash. Their sociostasis has attacked the entering-leaving faculties. Which is why misers are compulsives—they cannot bear to give up anything—so nothing new except acquisitions can enter their souls.