Lipton’s Journal/February 14, 1955/576

From Project Mailer

And isn’t that the Devil? The Devil is a false but necessary God—he is society. What we think of in organized religion as the devil—to wit, the sensual, the flesh, (flesh goes through life, e of self, society, to the head—fuck and thought, universe and recognition of universe which is in our bodies and minds.)

Anyway: If we take the proposition that religion’s idea of God (organized religions) is God as Society, and the Devil as the rebellious element in man, then we can also see how man redressed the balance because underneath he was saying, God is Go to death, and Devil is death going to life. So, God and Devil each containing their opposites being God-and-Devil And Devil-and-God compose the quartet, the family, the orgy, the universe or total of experience.