Lipton’s Journal/January 24, 1955/253

From Project Mailer

All right, if everybody is both male and female, heterosexual and homosexual—a commonplace—butwhat isn’t realized is that there are two kinds of sexual people—those who are essentially bi-sexual, and those whom I will call uni-sexual. Bi-sexuals make long clinging imaginative love passages, wanderings, where the orgasm is merely thea regretted terminus rather than thea climax. Uni-sexuals make short love, be it cold or hot, love which is harsh, active, emotional, rigorous, and oriented to climax. Analysts generally would call unisexuals healthy, bi-sexuals unhealthy, but I wonder. Because bi-sexuals are more developed and their lovemaking is a more painful but richer playing out of the homeodynamic-sociostaticid-superego conflict. Unisexuals have habits which enable them to suppress one or the otherid-superego. So they are eitherwhether potent or frigid, but itlove is over quickly and their mind go intoof the unisexual is in hibernation while loving. The bisexual is stimulated, frightened, is at the edge of the mystery, is frustrated, comes back, flees, sweats cold, loses him or herself, has a great thought or perception, feels love, loses love, chases it again, and so forth.

Now to the difference of male and female components in uni-sexual and bi-sexuals. The unisexual is all male or all female on the surface. Underneath, and deeply buried except as they reveal themselves in their habits is the reverse. So, a woman of the uni-sexual variety is apparently feminine, calm, capable, good housewife, efficient, motherly, light on make-up, likes the short brisk act, and is drawnacts unconsciously toward other women and her male partnermen as a male. The unisexual male if he is nominally heterosexual and healthy is aggressive toward women in an easy way, has short quick fucksacts, is decisive, executive, athletic, and is unaware of the woman in him, although he is subject to sudden aggressive and passive homosexual panics and indeed even actions. More powerful men reduce him to a psychic jelly.

Bisexuals are much more consciously aware of the male and female in them. They are therefore anxious, “sex-obsessed,” orgiastic, and…stable. Because whether they make love to a man or a woman the man-and-woman in the bi-sexual makes love to the woman-and-man in the partner. There is always a quartet going on. Every timeEven if a bi-sexual fucks evenmakes love with a unisexual there is an orgy—at least three people are present and one is watching (the unisexual’s buried self). Therefore, the bi-sexual may appear to have a great variety and questing in the choice of partners but the bi-sexual is essentially making love always to the same partner—partners!butyet deepening the act by experience. Unisexuals are much more subject to real sexual anxiety attacks because the anxiety is more buried and the action is more compulsive. The bi-sexual is thus more “cool.”