Lipton’s Journal/January 20, 1955/203

From Project Mailer

Rich boys are proud of being without money, middle class boys are not. The middle class boy who acts the poor life (such as bohemians) really wants to think of himself as aristocratic. Only working class is proud of wealth and power. Which is why the aristocrats admire artists, the middle class successful business men, and the working class admires politicians, racketeers, big trade union leaders and money-making athletes. But here again is the dichotomy of mind vs. body, spirit vs. flesh. There is the deepest significance in whether we make our living with our hands or our minds, and through history moves the myth and probably the actuality of the swarthy stocky sexy proletariat, and the languid slender tall neurotic mind-ness of the aristocracy and the part of the bourgeoisie which aspires to it.