Lipton’s Journal/January 24, 1955/239

From Project Mailer

I was deeply instinctively right in Naked to go in for obscenity. Society fights obscenity because the truths of the universe are hidden in it. Sociostasis forces the truths of the universe to be hidden in all degraded froms. (I meant to say forms, but actually forms are froms-derivatives, substitutes.) Our fascination with evil does not come because we, humankind, are evil—it is because evil is the degraded expression sociostasis permits of the good, of the life-force. The abstract social contract (the contract where man abandoned simple forms of social cooperation—where every man knew every other man—the simple social contract) became frozen for Western civilization at least on the massive sociostatsis of the Catholic Church which deprived humankind of sex and embodied sex in itself. For what the church said is that the Mystery (of the creation of man) is bodiless rather than body. It said that Life and the Good (God) comes from the joining of the Virgin with The Father, The Son, and The Holy Ghost. Man as soul wanted to say, Fucking is Holy, but it’s no Ghost. Society said: Fucking is no Ghost, but it is very evil.