Lipton’s Journal/February 14, 1955/571

From Project Mailer

Pain and pleasure, (I change orgasm for pleasure) Pain and orgasm, vomit and detumescence are expressions of the S, forms given to the body by S. I speak naturally of the subjective “sharpness” one-ness of the feeling. The natural state is the rhythmic state where pain and orgasm become merely ebb and flow and ebb and flow—like the ocean. Which is what the oceanic feeling is. This is the passive state of life, moving in unbeated rhythms of slow up and slow down. An ocean has the one expression of crashing waves when the foreign object, earth—society—whatever intrudes itself. So life (l the passive existence came out of the water onto the earth where it became I—active agent—able to return to the water only by the ffff of fuck).